Frequently asked questions

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    I already own a ton of Christmas lights. Will you install them?
    Yes and No. We strive to provide only the best service and experience in our business and if we installed lights that you own, we cannot guarantee them or provide maintenance.
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    Do you store the Christmas lights or do I?
    We store your lights and decor for you. Next year, we can add to or re-use your lights and decor from the previous season. If you order lights from us and re-use the same ones the next season, you will receive a 15% discount.
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    How long does it take to install lights?
    The length of time it takes us depends on the size of the job, though we try to finish projects up as quickly as two to five hours. Bigger projects can last a day or more.
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    When do you take them down?
    We start removals in February and can leave the lights up as late as late March, depending on your preference!
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    How can I pay?
    Credit card, e-transfer, or paypal!
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    What type of lights do you use?
    We use commercial grade, residential application, LED lights. They are approximately 3 times brighter and 5 times the quality of anything that is available at any retail store in Winnipeg!
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    How do you install your Christmas Lights?
    For lighting on roofs, windows, trims, etc. we install our lights with plastic clips to avoid using staples or nails and causing any damage to your structure. Sometimes staples or nails can be required, especially around windows.
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    Do you provide a guarantee or warranty?
    Yes! We stand by our products as the best on the market. We're fully insured with WCB and Liability Insurance for any accidents or damages to your property as well.
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